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SuperSi0101's PROFILE

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  SuperSi0101's Info:
Screen Name:     SuperSi0101
Gender:     Male
Age:     65
City:     Sudbury
State:     MA
Zip Code:     01776
About Me:     Professional outgoing guy seeking a loving, caring and supportive soul mate to share a broad array of interests, fun, values, each other's thoughts and believes, and all seasons in the relationship and in life. Aout me: Personality ... I am a good person, reliable, open-minded, out-going, mild-mannered, good-tempered, and easy to get along, yet principled and be myself at all time. I am well educated and dedicated to a successful career, yet find ways to make life fun. I am scientific and sophisticated, yet embrace history, religion and classics. Character ... I am principled, honest, decent and responsible yet easygoing, friendly, personalbe and respectable Attitude ... I always start my day and do everything with a positive attitude. Intellectuality ... I like to quest for knowledge, read, think and solve complex problems. Sense of humor ... I usually laugh on anything. And I make people laugh every so often. Major views (The heavy stuff) ... (The universe) It is a one-big-question-mark. There are more questions than answers. (The world) It is a planet of vast continents and oceans with inhabitants living in cultural, moral, political, religious and economic divide. Nations should work together to advance peace, human dignity and understanding. (Life) Life is a journey. I cherish life, believe in good health, happiness, and prosperity Hobbies, interests and fun ... I do a lot of different things. The idea is to have the variety so life is fun to live. Most of the things I do reflect my character, values and my personality. I go to museums and IMAX theatres. And I watch TV programs on the Discovery Channel, National Geographic Explorer and TLC. Outdoor actions... Bicycling, canoing, kayaking, hiking and camping See the world ... Love to see culture and way of life in countries that share the same planet with us. An amateur astronomer, I like to get close to the mother nature as much as I can. Formerly a boy scout leader when I was in high school and a two-time camp counselor, I like hiking, camping out and canoeing. I like to do ordinary things also, i.e. shopping, eating out, listening to the music, bowling, golfing, seeing good movies, BBQing, enjoying live music, going to fairs and flee markets, hanging out at Harvard Square, walking along the MIT Bridge, enjoying interesting things at the Quincy Market, going out with friends and making more friends. Music and me ... Music has been a very important part of my life. I play an acoustic guitar and a keyboard. I play it everyday. I have been playing guitar since when I was a high school freshman. I play pop music most of the time. I was a drummer back in high school. I like different kinds of music in general. Other attributes ... Other attributes include spirited, enthusiastic, energetic, resourceful, helpful, caring, giving, considerate, family-minded, career-oriented, classy, and stylistic. Love style ... Romantic, passonate, sponteneous, destined, sensible, and caring What I look for: My soul mate should be: 1) Someone who is a good person, friendly and personable 2) Someone with good personality [open-minded (not narrow-minded) generous (not mean) caring (not ignorant)] 3) Someone who is patient and have good temper 4) Someone who also have a positive outlook in life My soul mate would be someone who share a broad array of interests, fun, values, each other's thoughts and believes, and all seasons in the relationship and in life. If any of these resonate your interests, values and believes, don't hesitate to send me an email and say Hi ... :o) Freidnship first, then relationship. ** No games please!!!
  SuperSi0101's Photos:
My Height:     5'10
My Body Type:     Average
My Hair Color:     Black
My Eye Color:     Brown
My Race / Ethnicity:     Asian
Languages I Speak:     English , Chinese
My Zodiak Sign:     Gemini
My Education:     Master's Degree
My Occupation:     Financial Advisor
My Annual Income:     $51,000 to $70,000
My Relationship Status:     Single
Children:     Don't Have Children
My Religion:     Christian
My Political Views:     Moderate
I Smoke:     Don't Smoke
I Drink:     Socially
Types Of Food I Like:     American , Asian , Barbecue , Brazilian , Cajun/Creole , Chinese , Continental , Deli , French , Health Food , Italian , Japanese , Seafood , Sushi , Vegetarian
My Interests:     Politics , Music , Technology , Science
Describe Interests:     Browsing new book titles, checking out the latest consumer gadgets, sipping coffee and reading at the same time, riding my bike, eating at different restaurants, drinking exotic non-alcoholic beverages, streamlining and beautifying my office
My Favorite Activities:     Shopping, watching TV movies and eating snacks at the same time, BBQing, playing guitar and keyboard, listening to new music, watching bands playing live music, going to fairs, reading, eating out
My Favorite Movies:     All Indiana Jones, all Star Trek, all Star War, and most sci-fi movies
My Favorite Music:     Mostly contemporary music like native rock, rock & roll, soft rock, a little bit of heavy metal and western classical
My Favorite Books:     Favorite subjects include business and management, political science and current affairs, personal finance, home improvement and gardening, travel and food
  SuperSi0101's Ideal Match:
Gender:     Female
I'm Looking For:     Dating , Relationship , Marriage , Other
Age Range:     25  To  50
Within Radius:     50 Miles

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