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sdrawrof's PROFILE

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  sdrawrof's Info:
Screen Name:     sdrawrof
Gender:     Male
Age:     33
City:     Los Angeles
State:     CA
Zip Code:     90024
About Me:     PROLOGUE: Distracted by the Facts. I'm a Computer Science grad student at UCLA, but my interests bound across all the great intellectual mountain ranges. Hikers be warned: the summits are farther than they appear, so make sure your ideologies have strong footing with enough flexibility to handle unexpected avalanches of enlightment. Also, bring plenty of light-hearted refreshments: it's a long way from cave-philosopher's "I think therefore I am" to the modern idea jams of our global society. And, no, merely seeing the jam is NOT half the battle; however, seeing it as a battle is MORE than half the problem. I just moved from MO in August, and am looking to build a new life in LA -- surely you want in on that excitement, even if my crude over-intellectualized analogies fail to arouse your interest. Feed on my noobish enthusiasm, relive the childish delights this world-renown cultural mecca has to offer -- delights that are your BIRTHRIGHT, delights that time and desensitization have been deftly stealing from you, moment by moment. Live vicariously through me like a stranger, complete your local knowledge! Or sympathize as another outsider... But I'm supposed to be summarizing, not selling, myself. I'm not ordinarily good at alliteration. CHAPTER 1: Excuses Self-summaries are hard. We learn the most about people through conversations because there is interaction -- not just questions and answers, but reactions, clarifications... we don't tell people who we are, they learn about us. Even IMs fall short, missing out on vital body language that can say volumes more about character than any clever words. So, rather than mislead you with a trail of incomplete hints, I'll stop here.
  sdrawrof's Photos:
No Picture No Picture
My Height:     5'10
My Body Type:     Average
My Hair Color:     Blond
My Eye Color:     Blue
My Race / Ethnicity:     White / Caucasian
Languages I Speak:     English
My Zodiak Sign:     Aries
My Education:     Bachelor's Degree
My Occupation:     Student
My Annual Income:     Will Tell You Later
My Relationship Status:     Single
Children:     Don't Have Children
My Religion:     Aheist
My Political Views:    
I Smoke:     Don't Smoke
I Drink:     Will Tell You Later
Types Of Food I Like:    
My Interests:     Politics , Arts , Music , Technology , Other
Describe Interests:    
My Favorite Activities:    
My Favorite Movies:    
My Favorite Music:    
My Favorite Books:    
  sdrawrof's Ideal Match:
I'm Looking For:    
Age Range:         
Within Radius:      

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